League of Legends Skin Generator

You can find the latest version of the League of Legends Skin Generator here.

In an experiment with HTML5 & CSS3, and with some prior knowledge of PHP, I created a little PHP script that randomly generates skin ideas for Riot Games’ League of Legends by picking two random entries from two lists, one for skins and one for champions.

The PHP script makes use of a snippet of code I’ve been using for years, which was modified from code created by my good friend Joey van Hummel. The script is fairly simple, and most time probably went into putting all the skin and champion names in two text files in alphabetical order. As of v1.0e (08-05-2014), there are 119 champions and 417 skins, making for nearly 50.000 possibilities.

When I posted the first version to Reddit back in November, it received a lot of praise. Right now the post has over 300 upvotes, and well over 900 comments containing fun skin ideas that people generated.

I still have some ideas for the generator, most notably ensuring that you don’t need to refresh the page to generate a new skin name.

I’ll keep updating the generator as new skin titles and champions came out.

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