100th Energy Drink Can!

I’ve been collecting cans of Energy Drink since September 2011, but yesterday I finally hit the 100 cans milestone! The 100th can BOMBA!’s Mojito-flavored energy drink.

My girlfriend just returned from her holiday to Budapest, Hungary. As a gift to me, she brought me 10 cans of Hungarian energy drinks. The first one she bought was the BOMBA! mojito-flavored energy one, so I’m counting that one as my 100th can milestone.

Having been a big fan of Energy Drinks since I was 12, I started collecting energy drink cans when I found Cannabis Energy Drink and Nalu Fruity Energizer on a holiday to Belgium in September 2011. Nearly 5 years have passed, and as of yesterday I own 109 unique cans of energy drink. I also own two plastic bottles and a glass bottle.

In November 2011, I opened a Facebook page to post updates of my Energy Drink collection to. Since then, Melchior’s Energy Drinks has amassed 823 likes. You can find a complete up-to-date list of every can I own right here.

Right now I’ve run out of storage space for the energy drink cans, so I’ll have to get creative and display them in a different way. Either way I’ll keep collecting cans of energy drink, and perhaps I’ll hit the 200 cans mark in the future!